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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Press Release: IPC and NPF Collaboration Reveals Impact of Psoriasis Location on Quality of Life

The IPC is proud to announce a collaboration with the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) in unveiling new insights into the influence of psoriasis lesion locations on patients’ quality of life.

Featured in the Journal of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis®, our joint effort presents a pioneering study that delves into how psoriasis in specific areas – scalp, face, hands/feet, and more – profoundly affects patients’ well-being and social engagement.

Going beyond conventional assessment metrics, this research underscores the crucial role of lesion location in gauging disease severity. The study’s findings empower healthcare providers to adopt more personalized treatment strategies, directly enhancing patient care outcomes.

“Examining psoriasis disease severity based less on the body surface area affected and more regarding the condition’s impact on quality of life and the patient’s personal and professional functionality allows providers to better target therapies, including systemics and biologics, towards their patients’ needs,” says Dr. Bruce Strober, IPC Vice President/President-Elect.

For a comprehensive understanding of the recategorization of psoriasis severity and its implications, visit IPC’s Disease Severity Resource Page.

One thought on “Press Release: IPC and NPF Collaboration Reveals Impact of Psoriasis Location on Quality of Life

  1. ulrich mrowietz says:

    I want to remind the group that already in 2011 the European Consensus defined impactful areas as upgrade criteria including those named in the survey.
    In many countries the use of these upgrade criteria is common practice to address patients needs.
    Mrowietz et al., Arch Dermatol Res 2011
    Mrowietz and Augustin, Br J Dermatol 2022

    I am happy to assist with the formulation of treatment goals for such situations as we did before.

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