International Psoriasis Council

Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

Current Projects


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Recategorization of Psoriasis Severity

A Delphi consensus from IPC’s network of key opinion leaders on a definition for each category of disease severity.

Global Psoriasis Atlas

Working to provide the common benchmark on the complete burden of psoriasis in all countries and regions throughout the world.

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Pustular Psoriasis

Improving the understanding of this rare and life-threatening disease and conducting activities that will improve patient treatment.

Telemedicine and Psoriasis

Psoriasis presents unique challenges in telemedicine, including the need for long-term management. IPC has convened a working group to establish a road map for how IPC can aid the development and implementation of telemedicine focused on psoriasis diagnosis and management.

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The Global Burden of Pediatric Psoriasis

To understand the global burden of pediatric psoriasis, IPC has convened a small group of IPC Councilors and colleagues to work with a vetted educational institution, the Pacific Northwest Evidence-Based Practice Center at OHSU, to conduct a systematic review of existing literature.

Skin of Color

People of color experience additional challenges due to limited medical research, education, and underreoresentation in clinical studies. IPC has convened a working group to better understand the unmet needs around psoriasis on skin of color, improve the ability of dermatologists to alagnose and treat psoriasis in individuals with skin of color, and support and collaborate on activities by other organizations related to skin color in psoriasis including patient and dermatology associations.

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To assist dermatologists and the patients they serve, the IPC is collecting information from around the world on coronavirus and psoriasis.

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