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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

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New Resource: Telemedicine Dermatology Preparation Videos

Learn how our concise instructional videos assist health care professionals in preparing psoriasis patients for telemedicine dermatology appointments. Available in English and Spanish, these guides cover optimal photo-taking techniques and essential preparation tips, facilitating streamlined virtual consultations.

Shining a Spotlight: Catching up with 2021 IPC Fellow Álvaro González-Cantero MD, PhD

Catch up with 2021 IPC Fellow Professor Álvaro González-Cantero as he shares insights into his experience, achievements, and challenges since completing his Fellowship. Read about his growth in the field of psoriasis and the impact of the IPC Fellowship on his career.

Getting to Know IPC’s Board Member Andrew Blauvelt: What Inspired Me to Specialize in Psoriasis

Join Dr. Andrew Blauvelt, a dedicated dermatologist, researcher, and a vital member of the International Psoriasis Council (IPC). Dr. Blauvelt's story reflects passion and positive change for people with psoriasis worldwide.

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