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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.


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Elevate Your Psoriasis Care and Boost Your Expertise: Join the IPC Psoriasis Masterclass for North America in Chicago

Join the IPC Psoriasis Masterclass for North America in Chicago on September 14-15, 2024. Enhance your expertise with comprehensive training from top dermatology experts. Register by July 12, 2024.

Getting to Know IPC’s Board Member André Carvalho: What Inspired Me to Specialize in Psoriasis

Meet Dr. André Carvalho, a researcher, teacher, and an International Psoriasis Council (IPC) Board Member. His journey in the field of psoriasis shows his dedication to positively impacting the lives of people with psoriasis globally.

Beyond Skin-Deep: Tackling Gaps in Psoriasis Care

Uncover the true impact of psoriasis and learn about critical steps to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient support in the comprehensive Economist Impact white paper supported by Bristol Myers Squibb.

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