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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

World Psoriasis Day 2023: Empowering Access to Timely Treatment and Universal Healthcare from Psoriasis Advocates Worldwide

World Psoriasis Day serves as a reminder of the critical need for accessible and timely treatment for those affected by this often misunderstood disease. As the International Psoriasis Council (IPC) reiterates its commitment to access to care for all, the importance of universal healthcare takes center stage in the battle against psoriasis. Within our global network, dedicated advocates are tirelessly working to bridge the gap and ensure that everyone has equal access to comprehensive and timely care regardless of their background.

1. What does the right treatment at the right time mean to you?

Understanding the disease from the patient's perspective and a patient-centric approach is key when selecting the optimal treatment for each patient. We, as dermatologists, want an effective, safe, and long-lasting treatment. On the other hand, patient convenience and patients’ preference for an oral or injectable medication are important considerations to be taken into account. Maria-Angeliki Gkini, MD, MSc, PhD | United Kingdom 2023 IPC Fellow
In my opinion, receiving the right treatment at the right time can minimize the pain caused by psoriasis, enhance patients' confidence in treatment, and prevent the progression of the disease and the occurrence of comorbidities. Xuejun Zhang, MD, PhD | China IPC Councilor

2. What does universal healthcare mean to your patients?

Universal healthcare would mean that my patients can access quality and affordable healthcare wherever they are without having to travel all the way to the National Hospital to access Dermatologists and drugs. Priscilla Angwenyi, MD | Kenya 2023 IPC Fellow

3. What are psoriasis advocates doing in your country to promote access for all?

Dermatologists, patient associations, and also pharma are talking to relevant actors in our Ministry of Health, senators and deputies, other doctors, and the community to teach the problems of psoriasis and its possible solutions and raise awareness about the need for help. Fernando Valenzuela, MD | Chile IPC Councilor

Please take a moment to share your insights on these vital questions in the comment section below. Your voice matters in the global dialogue on psoriasis care. Let’s continue working together for a world where accessible healthcare is a reality for all.

3 thoughts on “World Psoriasis Day 2023: Empowering Access to Timely Treatment and Universal Healthcare from Psoriasis Advocates Worldwide

  1. Bolaji Otike-Odibi says:

    The right treatment at the right time means any patient diagnosed with Psoriasis should get the right treatment as soon as possible .
    Universal healthcare to my patients mean no matter where they are, the right treatment should be made available to them.
    Psoriasis advocates are speaking more about psoriasis and increasing advocacy,getting involved in Psoriasis research on genetics.

  2. Tsira Leonidze says:

    The most important question is how long dose patient continue treatment, that is the problem.

  3. To all Psoriasis patients receive an ideal treatment, following and damage prevention, we have to expand the understanding of the disease for all medical specialities. We have nowadays a medication arsenal to change the disease course completely, but to do this, we have to start early. In this way, not only the dermatologists have to recognize all forms of Psoriasis, but all the others, maybe mostly Physicians and Family Doctors, to quickly refer this patients to us.

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