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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

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Assistant Professor Dermatology
CEMIC University, at Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Dr. Matias Maskin is Assistant Professor at the Section of Dermatology, Department of Medicine, Centro de Educacion Medica e Investigaciones Clinicas (CEMIC) University, at Buenos Aires. He specializes in internal medicine and dermatology at the University of Buenos Aires and serves as Chief of Dermatology and Coordinator of the psoriasis section at the Instituto Universitario CEMIC. Dr. Maskin is a founding member of the Latin American Society of Psoriasis (SOLAPSO), is active in psoriasis education programs with SOLAPSO in Argentina, and is part of the SOLAPSO Biosimilars Consensus in Argentina. A member of IPC’s Latin America working group, Dr. Maskin has authored national and international publications, has served as an investigator for many psoriasis clinical trials, and has participated in many national and international congress presentations pertaining to psoriasis.
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Areas of Interest

Tbc epidemiology and psoriasis treatment.

IPC Committees / Groups

Editorial Committee, Latin America Working Group

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Involvement with Other Organization(s)

Medical advisor to Asociación Civil para el Enfermo de Psoriasis (AEPSO).