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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

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IPC 2023 Think Tank Meeting Report Published in JID Innovations

Read key highlights from the 2023 International Psoriasis Council (IPC) Think Tank Meeting, summarizing the evolving understanding of psoriasis management, genetic insights, and treatment strategies presented in the Gunnar Lomholt Symposium. Access the full report on the IPC website and published in JID Innovations.

Improving Medical Adherence in Psoriasis Treatments

Learn from Dr. Steven Feldman, a renowned expert in psoriasis treatment, about the importance of patient adherence. Discover practical strategies to enhance medication compliance and improve treatment outcomes.

Shining a Spotlight: Catching up with 2018 IPC Fellow Filip Rob, MD, PhD

Catch up with 2018 IPC Fellow Dr. Filip Rob as he shares insights into his experience, achievements, and challenges since completing his Fellowship. Read about his growth in the field of psoriasis and the impact of the IPC Fellowship on his career.

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