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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

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Shining a Spotlight on our 2022 Fellows: Get to Know the Future Leaders in Psoriasis – Albert Duvetorp, MD, PhD

Learn about Albert Duvetorp's experience as a 2022 participant in IPC's International Fellowship Program. In this exclusive interview, he shares how the program helped him personally and professionally.

Medical Adherence in Topical Agents in the Context of Psoriasis Patients

Explore the challenges, solutions, and breakthroughs in improving psoriasis treatment adherence. Discover the latest strategies and steroid-free topical agents transforming dermatological care.

Commentary: The Next Era of Opportunity in Psoriasis: Spatial Transcriptomics

Nicole Ward explores groundbreaking psoriatic disease research methods published in recent literature. Discover how Spatial Transcriptomics and Single Cell Sequencing unveil new cellular players and pathways, opening doors to novel drug targets and advancing psoriasis research and medicine.

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