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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

Nurturing Future Leaders in Psoriasis Care: IPC International Fellowship Program Gears Up for 2024 Applications

The International Psoriasis Council (IPC) is excited to launch the seventh year of our International Fellowship Program for 2024. Tailored for early-career dermatologists within five years of training completion or those presently in training (e.g. Fellow, Resident, Registrar, etc.), applicants should display a demonstrated interest in psoriasis. This program offers a year-long mentorship, a month-long on-site observation, and exclusive in-depth classes and small group discussions guided by key opinion leaders in the field. Furthermore, it covers travel expenses to a major international congress and participation in the IPC Think Tank, facilitating direct interactions with our network of experts at selected IPC events.

Advancing Professional Development Through Collaboration

The IPC International Fellowship Program is a valuable resource for early-career dermatologists and researchers interested in psoriasis. This dynamic initiative provides participants a unique opportunity to glean insights from our global network of experts, fostering growth and innovation within the field.

Dr. Joel Gelfand, IPC Treasurer, and Chair of the Fellowship Program Advisory Committee, highlights the program’s significance, “The IPC Fellowship creates an incredible opportunity to make a big world small. I have had the opportunity to work with fellows from Spain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Ethiopia and help them blossom their academic careers. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved.”

Dr. Elise Kleyn, IPC Councilor and Co-chair of the Fellowship Program Advisory Committee concurs: “The program offers a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and network with colleagues from across the globe.” She adds, “It has been wonderful to witness our fellows develop and enrich their professional skills through a diverse range of activities, including mentorship from eminent colleagues; co-chairing online and face-to-face meetings with experts; attending international dermatology conferences with IPC support, and continued post-fellowship engagement as alumni.”

Empowering the Future of Psoriasis Leadership

The perspectives from the IPC’s 2022 cohort shed light on the Fellowship’s significance and impact on their careers.

Dr. Juul van den Reek, from the Netherlands, reflects, “Participating in the program helped me broaden my research perspective on a global level. It challenged me to think about global challenges that are present to improve patients’ lives on a broader scale.” Dr. Mona El Kalioby, from Egypt, states, “The collaborative and networking elements of the program have truly left a lasting impression on me, providing an exceptional level of support and inspiration. One remarkable aspect is the profound connection between each fellow and their mentor. This mentorship dynamic has proven invaluable, offering personalized guidance and deepening our understanding of the field.” Dr. Natalia Merino from Peru adds, “Being a part of this Fellowship has been an incredible boost to my dermatology career. It provided me access to experienced professionals in psoriasis management and exposed me to global clinical research in this field.”

Driven by IPC’s Mission

Guided by our commitment to advancing psoriasis care, the IPC International Fellowship Program offers a unique opportunity for those seeking to contribute to the progress of psoriasis treatment and research on an international level. As we open applications for the 2024 cycle on September 1, we invite dedicated professionals to join us in this impactful journey.

Nicora Gardner, IPC’s Director of Programs, outlines the program’s essence: “The IPC International Fellowship Program provides early-career dermatologists and researchers interested in psoriasis with complete access to our global network of experts. This initiative emphasizes IPC’s commitment to cultivating specialized expertise within the field.

She elaborates, “We aim to connect these professionals with key opinion leaders, encouraging their involvement in projects and dialogues that drive psoriasis research and treatment forward on a global scale. Through this program, we aim to solidify their dedication to psoriasis research and treatment.

As we prepare for the upcoming cycle, we are pleased to announce that we will accept applications for the 2024 IPC International Fellowship Program from September 1 – September 30, 2023. If you are an early-career dermatologist or researcher passionate about enhancing psoriasis care and research, we encourage you to consider this opportunity. 2022 IPC Fellow Dr. Lucas Galimany of Chile recommends those interested should “seize the opportunity and apply for this incredible program. The experience is bound to enrich you in every aspect, be it academia, research, personal growth, and more. It offers an unparalleled chance to connect with an amazing network of experts driven by the pursuit of excellence in patient care and to share this knowledge and expertise with Fellows from around the world.”

For more details about the program and to submit your application, please visit the IPC International Fellowship Program page. Join us in shaping the future of psoriasis care through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and dedicated leadership.

One thought on “Nurturing Future Leaders in Psoriasis Care: IPC International Fellowship Program Gears Up for 2024 Applications

  1. Djohan Kho says:

    I am a researcher and a Dermatovenereologist who is also a member of the IPC , interested in researching psoriasis cases in Indonesia
    I have a group for my psoriasis patients so I often communicate with my patients to get maximum treatment results. Apart from that, I also often carry out small research studies regarding psoriasis cases.

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