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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

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Head of the Dermatology Department
Hôspital Victor Dupouy
Dr. Emmanuel Mahé is a full-time dermatologist and chair of the dermatology unit of the Argentueuil Hospital in Paris, France. Dr. Mahé is a Board Member of the Psoriasis Group from the French Society for Dermatology, is a member of the scientific committee of the French Registry for Biologics in Psoriasis (PsobioteQ) and is more specifically involved in the management of psoriasis in childhood, from early infancy to adolescence, in addition to general inflammatory, and psoriasis in adulthood. He has been instrumental in launching the international pediatric psoriasis COVID-19 cohort and contributing to numerous publications on psoriasis in high-level journals as a leading co-author or co-author, including the British Journal of Dermatology and JEADV, among others.
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Areas of Interest

Genetics of psoriasis, the link between viruses (papillomavirus) and psoriasis, clinical studies in both adults and children, pediatrics with a focus on the “daily” comorbidities, the fate of the psoriatic child, and systemic treatments, tele-expertise monitoring of psoriasis patients, the problem of tattoos on psoriasis, social inequalities and psoriasis, sunlight and psoriasis at the time of biotherapies

Languages Spoken

English, French