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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

Shining a Spotlight: Catching up with 2021 IPC Fellow Matthew Vesely, MD, PhD

Matthew Vesely, MD, PhD

Yale School of Medicine

New Haven, Connecticut, United States


The IPC Fellowship Experience

My experience as an IPC Fellow in 2021 was incredibly enriching. Under the mentorship of IPC Councilor Dr. Alice Gottlieb at Mount Sinai in New York City, I gained invaluable clinical skills, particularly in diagnosing psoriatic arthritis among psoriasis patients. Dr. Gottlieb’s compassionate patient care, her tenacity in securing essential medications, and her enthusiastic support for my clinical and research ambitions profoundly influenced me. A standout moment was attending the 2022 IPC Think Tank in Miami, where I engaged with global leaders in advancing psoriasis care.

Post-Fellowship Achievements

Since completing the IPC Fellowship Program, I have maintained a strong focus on treating patients with inflammatory skin diseases, with a particular emphasis on psoriasis. As a translational researcher, I am spearheading new projects centered on psoriatic disease, complementing my ongoing work in other inflammatory conditions such as cutaneous lupus and lichen planus.

“My experience during the IPC Fellowship and with key leaders in the field have encouraged me to become more creative with combination therapies for the most severe cases.”

Applying Knowledge in the Field

Currently, I am actively involved in the Psoriasis Treatment Program at Yale School of Medicine, specializing in the comprehensive management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis cases. In addition to clinical duties, I am committed to educating future dermatologists as a resident mentor, emphasizing tailored approaches to systemic immunomodulatory therapies for patients with psoriatic disease.

Navigating Career Challenges

Embarking on an academic career presents numerous challenges, yet the IPC network has been an indispensable source of support. Opportunities like presenting at the IPC symposium during the 2023 AAD Annual Meeting have significantly accelerated my professional growth and visibility in the field.

Evolving Perspectives on the Industry

My approach to psoriasis treatment has evolved significantly, driven by insights gained during the IPC Fellowship and collaborative exchanges with industry thought leaders. I am increasingly exploring innovative combination therapies tailored for severe psoriasis cases, aiming to optimize patient outcomes and quality of life.

Advice for Future Fellowship Participants

Reflecting on my journey, I would advise future IPC Fellowship participants to actively cultivate relationships with their co-fellows. Beyond professional networking, these connections can foster lifelong friendships and pave the way for collaborative opportunities that enrich both personal and professional growth in global psoriasis care.

If you are a young dermatologist or researcher passionate about improving the lives of people with psoriasis and want to expand your horizons, consider applying to participate in IPC’s International Fellowship Program. Applications for the 2025 program will open in September 2024.

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