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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.





Hospital de Clínicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción
2019 Fellow
Dr. Romina Contreras works as a dermatologist at the Cátedra y Servicio de Dermatología del Hospital de Clínicas de Asunción, Paraguay. She is a dermatology, venereology, and internal medicine specialist from the National University of Asunción. She completed a master’s in Autoimmune Diseases from the University of Barcelona. She was the coordinator of the Teledermatology Unit during 2020 and 2021 and is currently in charge of the Psoriasis Clinic of the Autoimmune Diseases and Psoriasis Unit of her service. During the pandemic, she worked with the international registry PsoProtect and published several articles in peer-reviewed magazines. Since 2021, she has been actively working to educate patients and the public to raise awareness about psoriasis disease. She has a special interest in the comprehensive management of psoriasis and comorbidities, combining clinical practice and research. For her 2019 IPC Fellowship, Dr. Contreras worked with IPC Board Member Professor Catherine Smith at St. John’s Institute of Dermatology at Guy’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom.
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