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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

María Julia




Hospital Italiano
Buenos Aires
2024 Fellow
Dr. María Julia Cura is a co-leader of the psoriasis team at the Department of Dermatology of Hospital Italiano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is engaged in teaching activities involving both dermatology residents and peers. She is a member of the Argentinian Society of Dermatology (SAD) and the Argentinian Society of Psoriasis (SOARPSO).

Dr. Cura has worked in clinical research since her residency and is nearing completion of a master’s in clinical research. She has participated as a speaker at many national and international congresses and published her research in peer-reviewed journals. She participates in Project ECHOⓇ Psoriasis Argentina, a tele-mentoring initiative to empower dermatologists and extend the best clinical practices to patients. Dr. Cura also contributed to developing a virtual community for psoriasis patients and participated in podcasts focused on psoriasis.

Finally, Dr Cura has been awarded numerous grants, such as the Strauss & Katz 2019 Scholarship to attend the AAD Annual Meeting, 6th Congress of the Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International Network, XXXV and XXXVI Annual Meeting of Latin American Dermatologist (RADLA), GRAPPA Annual Meeting and Trainee Symposium 2020 and received the “Young Dermatologist Award 2018” by the Argentinian Society of Dermatology.

Dr. Cura will study with IPC Councilor Diamant Thaçi at the University of Lübeck in Lübeck, Germany.
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