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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

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Associate Professor of Dermatology
University of Salvador
Buenos Aires
Dr. Gabriel Magariños is a dermatologist, dermatopathologist, teacher, and clinical researcher passionate about immune-mediated dermatoses. He works as an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Salvador, is director of the EPSOR Foundation, which is dedicated to Digital Medical Education, coordinates the Diploma in Psoriasis at the University UCES, is director of Clinical Research at Psoriahue, and is a Consultant Dermatologist at the Hospital Houssay in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, he coordinates the Superior Dermatology Course of the College of Physicians of the Province of Buenos Aires and is Dermatopathologist at the Buenos Aires British Hospital. Added to this activity in Argentina, Dr. Gabriel Magariños has given more than 300 international conferences in 29 countries and has participated in numerous advisory boards, consensus, and international publications about psoriasis and other immune-mediated diseases.
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