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Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

IPC 2023 Think Tank Meeting Report Published in JID Innovations

Key highlights from the 2023 International Psoriasis Council (IPC) Think Tank Meeting have been published in JID Innovations, summarizing presentations from the Gunnar Lomholt Symposium in the Faroe Islands. Covering a diverse range of topics related to psoriasis research and treatment strategies, the report underscores the evolving understanding of the genetic basis, comorbidities, pathogenesis, and treatment strategies of psoriasis.

Presentations from the IPC Think Tank meeting offered a comprehensive exploration of historical, current, and future perspectives on psoriasis management, providing valuable insights into its evolutionary trajectory. The future holds promise for a more nuanced understanding as genetic insights, immunological memory, and real-world evidence converge to shape individualized and effective management strategies. In conclusion, the landscape of psoriasis management has shifted from historical genetic explorations to a modern era of data analytics and targeted therapeutics. Navigating this transition involves embracing historical lessons, leveraging current technologies, and advancing toward personalized treatment approaches. As we move forward, the ongoing advancements in psoriasis research and treatment offer hope for alleviating the burden of this chronic condition and improving the quality of life for affected individuals, signifying a significant paradigm shift in psoriasis patient care.


Proceedings of the Gunnar Lomholt Symposium during the IPC 2023 Think Tank at Faroe Islands, Friday, September 8, 2023. Xing Lai FY, Bachelez H, Gudjonsson J, et al. JID Innovations (2024). doi:

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