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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.

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Rothe de Arocha



Coordinator of the Psoriasis Consultations
Hospital Central of Barquisimeto and Cancer Society of the state of Lara
State of Lara
Dr. Rothe de Arocha is a medic-surgeon who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Central de Venezuela with a postgraduate diploma in dermatology from the Instituto de Biomedicina Hospital Vargas Caracas. She is a founding member of the Latin American Psoriasis Society (SOLAPSO), a member of the Colegio IberoAmericano de Dermatología (CILAD), and a national and international conference speaker. Dr. Rothe de Arocha is the coordinator of the psoriasis consultations in the dermatology service of the Hospital Central of Barquisimeto, State of Lara, Venezuela, as well as of the Cancer Society of the state of Lara (Sociedad Anticancerosa Estado Lara) and an active member of the current board of the Venezuelan Society of Dermatology (Sociedad Venezolana de Dermatología).
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