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Advancing Knowledge. Improving Care.


Seong Jin



Associate Professor
Seoul National University College of Medicine
Republic of Korea
Dr. Jo Seong Jin is a dermatologist with expertise in psoriasis, cutaneous oncology, and hair biology. His work with psoriasis focuses on treatment optimization, screening, and preventing comorbidities like psoriatic arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases. Utilizing large datasets such as the National Health Insurance Service database, he researches demographics, risk factors, and potential comorbidities in Korean patients with psoriasis. Dr. Jo actively participates in global multi-center clinical trials to develop new medications for psoriasis. Recently, he has been interested in researching pustular psoriasis and is actively involved in developing guidelines and expert consensus regarding this condition.

Dr. Jo aims to enhance skin cancer diagnostic and therapeutic strategies and address the adverse effects of anti-cancer drugs on skin. His research in hair biology delves into follicle regeneration and early hair graying causes. Actively engaged in professional societies, Dr. Jo serves as Director of Academic Affairs for the Korean Society for Psoriasis and Photomedicine and holds a board position in the Asian Society for Psoriasis.
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Areas of Interest

Dr. Jo Seong Jin’s interests include treatment optimization and the prevention of comorbidities. By utilizing large datasets, he explores risk factors and demographics in Korean psoriasis patients and participates in clinical trials for new treatments. Recently, his focus has shifted to pustular psoriasis, where he contributes to developing management guidelines.

Languages Spoken

English, Korean