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2022 Annual Report


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2022 was a breath of fresh air as we welcomed in-person events back into our schedules, shook hands, and embraced our IPC family of Board, Councilors, Fellows, Staff, and Corporate Members again. Thanks to you, 2022 brought us many opportunities to advance in the worldwide psoriasis community, ranging from multiple research efforts, education of dermatologists, and public awareness, reaching the patient communities. In addition to face-to-face events, the IPC has expanded its digital presence.

Looking back, we are grateful for what we accomplished with your support. In 2022, the IPC had approximately 8,000 hours of participation in its education programs covering disease information, treatment strategies, and research outcomes, more than doubled from 2021 and almost nine times from 2020. In addition, here are some of the significant achievements from the past year:

  • Following almost three years of research in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IPC Board of Directors has issued an updated statement regarding COVID-19 to assist healthcare providers around the globe in better managing people with psoriasis.
  • The Telemedicine Working Group formulated 36 statements on telemedicine related to psoriasis. These findings are available in a new article in the public domain: Telemedicine and Psoriasis: A Review Based on Statements of the Telemedicine Working Group of the International Psoriasis Council.
  • We were honored to add nine new Councilors to our community — six from Asian and African countries. We are also proud to share a record amount of Councilor involvement for 2022, with 86% of those Councilors participating in at least one activity throughout the year.
  • We conducted seven congress symposia with over 2,000 participants, held three sessions in our Global Webinar Series, which have been viewed 900 times, and hosted four virtual Masterclasses with over 200 participants attending lectures and discussing case studies.
  • IPC partnered with the healthcare content strategy agency CareContent to better understand the primary audience, needs, and challenges of the IPC website. Following extensive interviews, audits, and analysis, we launched a new Editorial Committee to oversee the IPC’s digital content, launched a new website platform for improved user experience, and produced fresh content, like quizzes and Expert Insights articles, about topics of interest to our community.

IPC is optimistic about the future and a brighter 2023. In the new year, IPC will continue to focus on improving psoriasis care by promoting access to care, educational activities, and awareness programs with other organizations. We will continue to support our disease severity, skin of color, telemedicine, and pustular psoriasis working groups as they improve access to effective treatments, timely diagnosis, and optimal care. Most importantly, IPC remains dedicated to improving the care of people with psoriasis worldwide by researching the disease and training physicians to manage their psoriasis patients best.

As I exit as the president of the International Psoriasis Council, I am so proud of all that we have accomplished over the last year. We will continue to create a brighter, clearer future for people with psoriasis around the globe, with Prof. Hervé Bachelez leading the way as the new IPC President. We appreciate the support from our loyal psoriasis enthusiasts, our talented and dedicated Board, Councilors, Fellows, Staff, and Corporate Members who have helped IPC grow and thrive for more than 18 years.

We look forward to digging into our strengths and opportunities for growth — and with your help, we can make our strategic vision for the IPC a reality.

Craig Leonardi, MD


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Christy Langan